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An Introduction to Calligraphy - The Uncial Script

An Introduction To The Uncial Script. 

The Uncial Script was used for copying the gospels from as early as 300 AD onwards.

This round and rhythmic script also lends itself to many modern applications.

After a short historical introduction, you will begin by learning the uncial alphabet. Through demonstrations and individual tuition, you will learn about letter proportions, pen angle, spacing and layout. All of these play an important part in understanding the script.

After lunch, you will practise your new skills by writing a short sentence.  You will be shown how to use colour and decorative elements to turn this into a beautiful card or a striking, folded piece of art.

You may wish to introduce a celebratory or an early festive element into your work by including an Easter themed concertina text and/or maybe a decorated birthday or Easter card. You can decide on the day.

Tutor will provide some materials for this workshop. These include various papers and pens. This cost is included in your course fee.

Students will be provided with a list of equipment that they will need to bring along with them.

Your tutor will have extras such as bonefolders, set squares, coloured pencils, felt tip pens and cutting mats so please just bring along what you can.

This workshop is suitable for both beginners and improvers.

A light lunch will be provided.

Date Saturday 16th March 2023
Tutor Tanja Bolenz
Time 10.00am – 4.00pm
Ref 3454
Fees £80
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