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An opportunity to experiment with mixed media techniques, fabric collage and free machine embroidery. Each session will allow you to build confi dence in applying these techniques which you may wish to use as inspiration to start a personal project. Your work could be developed further into a panel for framing or a personal journal. Some experience of free machine embroidery is required. Materials not included.

Date Thur 23rd January
Tutor Suzette Smart  
Time 10.00am to 4.00pm  
Ref 2646  
Fees £65  


Make a simple seamless bag with a flap using basic felting techniques. Decorate your bag with a variety of fibres, then make and add a felted handle.

Date Wed 29th January
Tutor Susan Mulcock  
Time 10.00am to 4.00pm  
Ref 2611  
Fees £60  


Course full

Take inspiration from birds and animals to create a textile picture. Experimenting on a vintage fabric base (this could be a napkin or a tray cloth), learn how to combine fabric collage with free machine embroidery. You may wish to embellish your work further with hand embroidery. Materials not included. Some experience of free machine embroidery is required.

Date Wed 12th February
Tutor Suzette Smart  
Time 10.00am to 4.00pm  
Ref 2647  
Fees £65  


Learn the basics of weaving using a very simple but fun method using weaving sticks. Experiment by weaving with a variety of yarns to achieve varying effects. After making a narrow length of weaving, this is glued and made into a small mat either by coiling or by using strips. Lengths can be stitched together to make a bag, tied to make a wall hanging or manipulated into decorations.

Date Wed 19th Februaury
Tutor Fiona Nisbet  
Time 10.00am to 4.00pm  
Ref 2612  
Fees £60  


Standing wool is a traditional, but rarely seen, method of rag rug making. This workshop will introduce you to the simple techniques of coiling, shirring and wrapping strips of recycled woollen fabric. Start with making a coaster (or two!) and then move on to making a trivet or something more abstract. A simple, traditional craft that can easily be continued at home.

Date Sat 22nd February
Tutor Rosemary Stow  
Time 10.00am to 4.00pm  
Ref 2653  
Fees £65  



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Do you have a peg loom and want to learn how to get started? Whether you are an absolute beginner or want to take your basic skills further, this workshop can help. From Swedish two-shaft patterns to half circle rugs, enjoy the range of effects possible on this versatile tool..

Date Wed 26th February
Tutor Anne Dyer  
Time 10.00am to 4.00pm  
Ref 2666  
Fees £35  


Be inspired by your best bone china to create a bowl, or cup and saucer with free machine embroidery onto water soluble fabric. Add a few snippets of lightweight fabric as you stitch. Once you are happy with your work, the water soluble fabric is dissolved and your chosen piece of crockery is used to mould your piece into shape. An exciting and eff ective way to create 3D samples of stitch work. Materials not included. Some experience of free machine embroidery is required.

Date Wed 18th March
Tutor Suzette Smart  
Time 10.00am to 4.00pm  
Ref 2648  
Fees £65  


This workshop is for those students who wish to take their basic embroidery skills further. Work a colourful mandala in a variety of different traditional embroidery techniques. Experiment with lustrous gold and coloured embroidery threads, ribbons and beads. Learn how to combine some more advanced techniques to enrich your work.

Date Wed 25th March
Tutor Sue Greenan  
Time 10.00am to 4.00pm  
Ref 2661  
Fees £50