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Learn how to construct this unique basket, traditionally used to store root vegetables. During this two day course, you will learn a variety of techniques which will be used to create an interesting lid and the traditional 'mouth' opening. Previous experience of willow weaving is required for this course.

Date Tues 15th January and Wed 16th January
Tutor Eddie Glew  
Time 9.30am to 4.30pm  
Ref 2267  
Fees £155  


An introduction to exposed core, stitched coil basketry. Discover how to identify, process and use common plant fibres from the garden. Your tutor will bring along a selection of plants like daffodil, day lily, montbretia and iris leaves for you to use. You will learn at least one of the stitches that can be used in coil basketry and make a coiled mat or a small coiled basket.

Date Sat 26th January
Tutor Colette Davies  
Time 9.30am-4.30pm  
Ref 2252  
Fees £75  


Course full

Discover the joy of working with bulrush. It is soft, malleable and lightweight making it gentle to work with. Learn how to handle and prepare the rush and then, by using traditional basic techniques including check weave and pairing, make a square basket on a mould.

Date Wed 30th January
Tutor Rosie Farey  
Time 9.30am-4.30pm  
Ref 2263  
Fees £75  


These beautiful living structures enhance any garden or community space. Come along and learn how to site, plan, lay out and construct a living willow arch. You will also learn how to weave a living willow harlequin tree to take home. Students will need to bring a large pot to plant their tree into (minimum 10 litres).

Date Wed 27th February
Tutor Clare Revera  
Time 10.00am-4.00pm  
Ref 2330  
Fees £75